SSR for PWA Studio made easy

Creating webshops with Magento's PWA Studio is and should be fun! Don't worry about server side rendering SeoSnap got you covered!

Completely open-source, forever!

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Easy to set up
Don't waste time on creating your own solution, SeoSnap can be set up in minutes
Super Fast
Serve static html files extremely fast to bots for perfect SEO coverage
Save Money
Don't waist time developing isomorphic components
Real Data
See exactly which URLs have been indexed and when
Proven Stack
This solution has proven itself in production
100% developer Satisfaction
As developers we don't want to worry about SEO issues

Better SEO insights

Get better insights on important data for SEO. You can select elements to be shown in the pages overview

Support multiple websites

Add as many websites and store views as you want all in one dashboard